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How to tackle the case interview

After the previous blog-post by Vibeke on how to successfully complete a job-interview, the first interview round was a walk in the park for you. You remained composed and pulled off your best performance. After a few days you receive the phone call you’ve been waiting for «Congratulations, you are through to the second round. This time you will be presented a case for you to solve. Good luck!». You feel the panic and anxiety slowly creeping on. Luckily for you, you are smart enough to follow up on the blog job-guide and found your way to reading this blog-post.

The “ARENA” to meet Swedish/Finnish business students

I love my work! As a Corporate HR Coordinator I’m responsible for coordinating Visma’s seven Management Trainees and recruiting graduates to the Management Trainee and Summer Internship Programs. A significant part of that job involves travelling – and getting to know students from different universities and business schools in the Nordic countries. I feel very honoured to being responsible for ...