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My first Management Trainee project

What are the first months in Visma like? Do we actually get to do something that matters? Christian Harder, our Danish Management Trainee, was asked to share his experiences of his first project.

My first Management Trainee project
My first Management Trainee project

What was your project about?
My first project was in Visma Academy, which is in charge of the courses made to train new and current users in using software made by Visma Software AS. They also provide courses to educate on regulatory changes in Norway.
My job was to develop a strategy concerning how Visma Academy should design and make their digital courses in the future and how  the courses should be offered. In accordance, I was to investigate if Visma Academy would be capable to increase their revenue from their course offerings. (Psst, you can read about all of the trainees first projects here)

What was your main outcome in this project? (project-wise)
Naturally my main outcome was a potential strategy going forward for Visma Academy. The strategy was based on several parts, such as a market analysis of the overall market and the competitors, but also interviews with internal stakeholders and several companies owned by Visma in various countries. Another important part was a large customer survey to map out the preferences of online and physical courses.

What are your main takeaways from this project? (experience-wise)
Working intensely with a project that provides you with (very) large amounts of information and data, you often want to present all of it. Especially when the project can have an impact on several stakeholders. I have definitely improved my abilities to boil down research to more essential information and presenting only what is necessary to understand a problem or solution.

If you were to redo it all again, what would you do differently?
With my engineering background I have tendency to deep dive into the data and perhaps spent a bit too much time on minor technicalities. Often I can get carried away to investigate many new interesting aspects that can arise during a project. If I would do something differently, I would focus more on the most critical parts of the project, and just get a general overview of the less critical areas. 

How did working in another country impact you?
I was actually surprised how easily it was to adapt to working in Oslo. Everyone was very welcoming and supportive to help out on the project, especially the team in Visma Academy. Another important factor was the waffles every Thursday and cake every Friday – How could Oslo not be a great place to work?

What happens in your next project?
My next project is in Stockholm with Visma Finance AB, where I am to look at the introduction of financial services in the Danish market.

Kejsi Gjordeni, Jakob Hedström and Christian Harder doing the mandatory tourist activities by the Oslo opera house.
Kejsi Gjordeni, Jakob Hedström and Christian Harder doing the mandatory tourist activities by the Oslo opera house.

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