Cognitive Science Students Finally Back in Visma Offices!

As we have reported in earlier blog posts, Visma UX is a partner in the student mentorship program at Linköping University. As the program continues into its second year for our team of students, they have sent us a short update:


at last, the cognitive science students are back in your offices! This semester we will keep on working within the same area but with two new courses: Interaction design and Human Computer Interaction (HCI). We are looking forward to an autumn where we can familiarize ourselves even more with the work that is done within Visma. Our goal is also to find ways to contribute with new ideas.

In the Interaction design course we are picking up where we left off, which means that we will be creating a paper prototype for a new version of the OPUS system. The course only lasts for six weeks and hopefully we will all be able to see the results soon. Each week has a checkpoint to mark our progress and this week is prototyping week.

The second course, HCI, runs at 33% speed. In this course we will first plan  and the second part to conduct a project that builds on our earlier paper prototype and develops it further into a digital prototype.

We are looking forward to working with Visma again!

/Linn, Ellen, Rikard, Elin and Alice