Technology trends in 2012

In 2012 you will see the emergence of the first Cloud-based (SaaS) financial and payroll systems, which are designed for larger businesses and professional users. Today there are many good self-service SaaS solutions, e.g. reporting, time tracking and expense, while the core systems of large companies still are On Premises and Windows based.

The trend towards SaaS will continue, but the demand from business users is that the solutions are as effective as the current Windows solutions. So far no one has been able to deliver this, but this year some vendors will.

To succeed, it has become relatively clear that the new SaaS solutions must be developed from scratch with the correct architecture. It seems difficult to convert today’s Windows-based solutions or SaaS solutions with 5 to 10 year old technology to meet the requirements of today’s professional accountants and payroll professionals.

There is also a requirement in 2012 that ERP solutions are designed for use on mobile devices and pads – regardless of what operating system they run. HTML 5.0 becomes an increasingly important technology that will live side by side with apps on mobile platforms.

The ERP, payroll/HR and CRM industry will go through major changes the next 2-3 years. A few vendors will successfully manage the significant technological changes that come with SaaS technology and mobile devices, while many will struggle with the transition.

Øystein Moan
CEO, Visma