Copenhagen calling

Guess who is working in Copenhagen on his newest project?! This guy!

It’s been a while since I’ve written about my project, but now that I’m embarking on my fifth (and final) project period I figured I would write a post about my new project. As already mentioned I’m currently situated in Copenhagen, Denmark where I will spend every other weekend. I will be living in Copenhagen and commuting up to our office in Herlev each morning (only a 20 minute train ride)

The project is different than what I’ve been doing, I will be looking at some internal processes regarding licensing and how we can optimize these and make them more efficient. I’m looking at three different danish products and I enjoy learning about products that I had very little knowledge about before I started the project.

So far it’s been going really well, and I’m excited to continue working on the project.

Today is the 16th of May and I’m heading home to celebrate 17th of May in Norway before I head back to Copenhagen on Monday.

I will publish another post in a few weeks to let you know how my project is going and what I’ve been up to after work as far as exploring Copenhagen. So far I’ve only walked a round a bit but I’m realizing the way to see Copenhagen is by bike so next time I will rent a bike and cruise around.

My trainee colleague Ida Groth also spent some time in Copenhagen, read more about her experience here:

Below you can find some pictures I took yesterday after work when I was exploring Copenhagen.