Copenhagen Calling

It has now been one week since I landed in Copenhagen, new to pretty much everything and somewhat confused about my purpose. Luckily, I quickly found that reality is actually in good accordance with the saying “Det er deilig å være norsk i Danmark”, due to the very friendly disposition of the Danes (one grumpy bus driver excluded).  The language is a challenge, however, and it seems to go both ways. This has resulted in us resorting to English, both to help with particular words and sentences, but also with entire conversations.

 Working with reporting, I get to learn a lot about how information flows in the organization, and about the ways in which information can be used to monitor and evaluate performance as well as make decisions, both strategic long term ones, and also day-to-day, such as customer follow up etc.

 I also get to learn about Danish culture, and I am starting to get used to the wine aisle in the supermarket, the sausage stands in town, and the election posters hanging from every available tree and light post along the roads, something I have previously experienced in the US but never in Norway.

 I have included a picture of something I pass everyday on my way to and from work. I find it to be so profoundly Danish it simply must be shared!

Danish Sandwich shop