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Do all business videos need to look glossy?

Read more about the level system that enabled Visma to produce more video.

Do all business videos need to look glossy?
Do all business videos need to look glossy?

The more video content you use in your marketing communication the more user engagement and conversions you will get. (Source: Digital Information World).

To use more video in your marketing communication you will need to produce more video. And it is at this point most marketers stop and think: “If I buy a video from an external partner, it will be expensive. And if we make the video in-house its quality will be poor”.

In Visma we noticed that these worries could be a show stopper. At the same time I saw that Youtube and Facebook was full of videos of a lower production quality that still did the job, whether the job was to make us laugh or inform us about something.

Visma video level system

This is why we created the Visma video level system: A system to define what video quality is necessary to do the job in different situations. A framework to take away the fear of recording and let more people within the organisation lift a camera and a microphone to make a video. This system also gives you a rough estimate on the cost per video.

Video level 1

Videos on this level are somewhat planned and edited, but are supposed to be low-cost and quick to make. Typical examples of videos on level 1 are seminar recordings, a short ad-hoc interview with an expert or product owner, support videos and e-learning.

Example video for level 1 (Norwegian). Event invitation. Made in 4:3 format with subtitles for use on Facebook.

Video level 2

This is a well-planned video, starting with a script including actions. Clear and light imagery and/or professional animations. Good sound quality. An example of a video on this level is a customer case video as seen below.

Example video for level 2 (Norwegian). Customer case.

Video level 3

Normally the videos with the highest quality on picture and sound. Made for selling and/or promoting products and services, often with a short and effective story.

Example video for level 3. Animated. Commercial.

Video level S – for special occasions

This is a video made for special events such as a kick-off, seminar or conference. These videos can have a special thematic or a special use of effects, and often with local playback.


To sum it all up there has been a change in the way we all look upon video quality. Earlier, all video productions from a company was expected to be of very high quality and made by a large team of professionals. Now, with all kinds of video published used on social media we are more used to listening to the message regardless of the video quality.

Don’t look upon all video productions as expensive. You can invest a small amount in a camera and sound equipment and make your own videos. Feel free to copy the idea behind the Visma video level system mentioned in this article.

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