From couch potato to elite skier

– Follow Carine and Åsmund as they prepare for the 65 km Årefjällsloppet

It is safe to say that Carine Sandberg Næss and Åsmund Grøstad are not born skiers. Carine’s feet has not donned ski boots for 25 years and Åsmund’s perpetually delayed plan to “get in shape” have yet to come to fruition. Nevertheless, they have accepted the ultimate challenge: To complete Årefjällsloppet of 65 km in April.

As title sponsor of Visma Ski Classics, we encouraged inexperienced skiers within Visma to sign up for Project Årefjäll. The challenge: To get in shape and completing the 65 km long race, Årefjällsloppet, one of ten long distance cross-country races in Visma Ski Classics. Carine and Åsmund were chosen to take part in the project – and they have less than four months to go from skiing zeros to long distance heroes.

Neither have previously participated in a ski race, and from January to April we will follow their journey from couch potatoes to elite skier.

In the coming months they will be supported by professionals to develop skiing technique and improve their physical health. On April 2nd, they will stand on the starting line of Årefjällsloppet, fully prepared to take on the 65 km ahead. Carine and Åsmund will have completed the challenge when they cross the finish line.

Ready for the Challenge

Get to know Carine and Åsmund. Hear about their motivation for signing up for Project Årefjäll and what they fear the most in the coming weeks.

Follow the Journey

Throughout the period, Carine and Åsmund will keep you updated on their progress, ups and downs and memorable moments. You can follow their journey on the hashtag #ProjectArefjall at Instagram and on our Visma Ski Classics website.