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Design meet-up in Sibiu

Read about the design meet-up in Sibiu.

Design meet-up in Sibiu
Design meet-up in Sibiu

After accepting the invitation from Fredrik Fernberg for a Visma design meeting in Sibiu, Romania, I realised that I was actually going to the heart of Transylvania. Full of anxiety and butterflies I boarded the airplane. As a creative mind I enjoy learning new things and meeting new people -as long as the name isn’t Vlad and he likes to collect blood in a different way that we are used to in Scandinavia.

A quick change in Münich airport and I was on my way. When landing at the airport in Sibiu the airplane couldn’t land at first so the captain pulled up and tried again, second time the plane touched the ground and a safe landing in Sibiu.

After exiting the airport at 2 AM in the morning I found out it was full moon -by good luck, no horse carriages with pale people and sharp teeth was waiting in the dark outside the airport – only a yellow Dacia cab with a driver who didn’t accept VISA (!). Once again I got lucky, a German businessman was staying at the same hotel and needed a cab so I managed to tag along with him -as I had no Euros with me.

Visma Design team – occupied talking about design and life

Because not every designer is the same, we all got an area of expertise and we all got our strength and weaknesses. Just as our customers they are all different and how do we create and design a consistent and great customer journey for them, is essential for the success of Visma going forward end expanding its business and borders.

And using design strategically with a holistic approach can be a big part of it moving forward.    

Take a look at the lovely views:


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