Do you see the potential in social media?

Maggie Fox

That is what the Canadian entrepreneur and social media expert Maggie Fox asks in the latest edition of VISMAgazine.

“It all about fishing where the fishes are. Businesses who don’t see the value of social media and how it affects business processes, will struggle, since you have to communicate with your customers where they are and where they spend their time. Get started – it is not voodoo.” says Maggie Fox.

See a more detailed interview with Maggie Fox in the video below.

Social media is all around us and your customers are there. Why do you need to be there? Why should you care? And why do so many people say that if you are not there you will lose your business?

Maggie Fox explains to us that social business is the business use of social media.

Social media is disruptive. It disrupts the way traditional business run. So business needs to reorganize. They need to figure out how they need to be structured to deal with social media.

Organizations who don’t figure out how the use of social media is going to change their business model will struggle. You need to communicate with your customers, you need to know where they are and how to communicate with them.

Just as you needed to find out about TV and radio when that came around. You need to know how your business is going to be structured to deal with it. That is social business according to Maggie Fox.

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How can social media help you to better communicate with your business?
Do we have the same business environment in Northern Europe as in America, so that all that works over there can be applied over here?
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