Going to Iceland!!!

After two hectic days of introduction all the seven were assigned to different departments and different projects. I was so lucky that I ended up in Visma Contracting. My project is to look at the structure of our price model for our course. We offer courses to our clients to better their understanding of the software. This is a very complex project that has caused a lot of work in the start to be able to get a complete understanding of all the different aspects of the project. But it’s also a very exciting project because there is room for improvements!

But on another note, some might say that I picked the winning ticket because tomorrow I get to go to Iceland on a Wednesday to Saturday excursion. There are 100 of us going and we will enjoy the best that Iceland has to offer, from the Blue Lagoon to the Geysirs. I will write another post about how the trip was when I get back to Skøyen. But here are some pictures of what I will experience.