Happy “Employee Appreciation Day”

Today, Friday the 3rd of March, is Employee Appreciation Day. This unofficial holiday is observed annually on the first Friday in March.

It was created to focus the attention of all employers, in all industries, on employee recognition.  This is a great opportunity to show your employees how much you appreciate all their hard work.

After all, without your employees, there’s no one to accommodate your customers and your  business simply could not operate. So take this opportunity to remind them how important they are to you and your company.

This is a sure way to improve morale, which in turn improves performance. The Drivers of Great Work study, commissioned by the O.C Tanner Institute and conducted by the Cicero Group confirmed that this holds true across all generation of American workers. It revealed that lack of appreciation is the number one reason people leave jobs (78%) and the number one thing (37%) people say motivates them to produce great work.

Here are four ways you can show your appreciation and thus motivate your employees to produce great work.

4 ways to show your employees you appreciate them

  • Be flexible
    In today’s virtual world, flexibility goes a long way. Allowing a little flexibility can reap huge benefits. This could be allowing home-office, flexible working hours and schedules so employees have the ability to easily manage work with family and personal commitments. This is one of the best ways to show appreciation, as it demonstrates trust and shows that you care about your employee’s life outside of the office and have faith in them to get the job done.
  • Get personal
    When a job has been done well, a heartfelt, handwritten thank you card means much more than a short email or slap on the back. Better yet, praise your employees to others and ensure you get caught doing so. Say “thank you” often. It is a simple phrase that goes a long, long way.
  • Start celebrating
    Ensure you mark both small and large milestones. Implement a birthday calendar and celebrate your employees with cake on their birthday. Large achievements such as the birth of a child, wedding, completion of a marathon, course or major work project should also be acknowledged. Team achievements should also be celebrated with an out-of-the office lunch or a picnic or other  special team social event.
  • Simplify
    Provide your employees with tools that simplify their work processes and make it easily for them get the job done. The biggest trend in technology today is mobile. We can now do our banking, secure our homes and start our cars via our mobile. Employees therefore expect the same simplicity in their working life. So, ensure you provide your employees with the option to handle simple tasks, such as payroll, via their mobile. We recommend Visma.net Payroll.

While this is a great day to celebrate, it is much more critical to acknowledge the day and meaning behind it, while focusing on building a culture of appreciation. Hence why our suggestions are ones that should be implemented on a continuous basis. After all, employees give their blood, sweat and tears to their companies, so they deserve to feel appreciated.

Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

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