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Happy World Usability Day!

Today, on the 9th of November, the UX- & Service design team have celebrated World Usability Day together with their colleagues.


By hosting different activities, they came together to raise awareness about Usability and User Experience Design in Oslo, Stockholm, Växjö and Malmö.


The local UX team in Oslo took the chance to kick-off their project to redesign the office canteen, giving their colleagues a taste of Service Design for World Usability Day. As a first step in their project, all colleagues were invited to rate their lunch experience by putting green and red stickers on a large map of the canteen, pinpointing areas they like and dislike. This resulted in a lot of valuable feedback and many interesting discussions!

A taste of UX design


The UX team in Malmö got together for a Swedish fika to talk about usability and related topics, such as how we as a design community can’t seem to make up our minds about what to call ourselves and how to describe to others what it is we do. The fika resulted in a video blog (ending with sugar high laughs). Future video blogs will be in English, however this fika session is in Swedish.

We hope everyone who celebrated World Usability Day with us had a good time and that you want to celebrate with us again next year!

A big thank you to everyone who stopped by and gave us feedback! You will be able to read more about this project in a future blog post, once it is finished.


The UX team in Stockholm organized an event they called “UX-Akuten,” offering their colleagues to bring their system to get a UX review. The team also had a special helper throughout the event, an oracle who gave only the best advice when being asked UX related questions; “It depends.”

The invitation and the wise oracle.

The invitation and the wise oracle.

Colleagues were also welcome to join the UX:ers to learn more about how we work with user experience in Visma, ask questions and enjoy some candy.

Not only did the oracle do a great job answering questions, he put a smile on people’s faces too!

Not only did the oracle do a great job answering questions, he put a smile on people’s faces too!


In Växjö, the local UX team invited their colleagues to a “UX and Chill” morning where they watched design documentaries together, had some popcorn with their morning coffee and discussed design. Thank you to the 20 + people who joined us to celebrate World Usability Day in Växjö!

A nice way to start the workday.

A nice way to start the workday.

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