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Hello Copenhagen!

Christmas is approaching fast, meaning that my second Management Trainee project is soon coming to an end. My second project as a trainee in Visma has been at Visma e-conomic. e-conomic is the most used online accounting program in Denmark, and their offices are located centrally in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hence, I am lucky enough to experience pre-Christmas Copenhagen with Christmas lights and Christmas markets all around.

Visma Management Trainee: Hello Copenhagen
Visma Management Trainee: Hello Copenhagen

During the first two months of the trainee program, all of the trainees had projects at the headquarters at Skøyen in Oslo. However, for the second project almost all of the trainees decided to seek challenges elsewhere, and chose to travel to other Visma locations. Currently, me and Malin are working in Copenhagen, Edda and Ben are working in Helsinki, Steinar is working in Oslo, and the rest of the trainees (Louise, Maria, Brian, Stina and Magnus) are in Stockholm. Hence, by excluding Iceland from the list, the trainees are presently represented in all the Nordic countries.


My second project is as you now know in Copenhagen, where I am working at e-conomic, which is part of the Visma SMB division. At e-conomic I am tasked with automating marketing communication to their Accounting Office customers. This involves figuring out how to segment the accounting offices, as well as when, what and how to communicate with them.  

As my knowledge on marketing automation, marketing communication, accounting offices, and e-conomic was sparse before the start of this project period, and knowledge of all of these areas is essential in order to solve the task at hand, I have already learned a great deal.

In terms of cultural and language barriers I am happy my fellow Danish trainee warned me in advance that the Danish word for lunch is the same as the Norwegian word for breakfast. That definitely saved me from some potentially awkward misunderstandings!

Process Automation Team

During our year as management trainees we also have a side project that is to account for approximately 20% of our work hours during the year. My side project is in Visma IT & Communications (VITC), which is part of yet another division: IT and Hosting. In VITC I am part of the Process Automation team.

The Process Automation team has the goal of identifying, designing, implementing and operating services that automate business processes in Visma, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning among other things. During my first project as a member of this team I was sent by myself to Stockholm for two nights to study one of the business processes in the Enterprise department at the Stockholm office, trying to find aspects of the process to automate, as well as trying to figure out how to do so. Being given so much responsibility so early on is highly motivating, and is quite unique right out of the university.

Impressions so far

My impression of the Management Trainee program so far is that it is a unique opportunity to travel to, as well as work in, the other Nordic countries. Furthermore, the trainee program really is a great way to get to know the different parts of the Visma “jungle”. During my first two projects I have already had the opportunity to work in three out of five divisions, as well as to work in three out of five of the Nordic countries.

Sometime during the next couple of weeks our third project will be revealed, and I know we are all super excited to see what January and February has to offer, wherever our next projects may bring us!

Click on the link below and read more about the Management Trainees.

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