How the cloud is revolutionising accounting collaboration

In today’s shifting market, there are threats as well as opportunities for accounting practices. These opportunities lie in embracing the transition to a cloud-enabled world of anytime, anywhere, global work and automating the accounting processes.

‘With the introduction of the single ledger, accounting practices have the opportunity to benefit from shared access with clients. The single ledger eliminates the need to send adjusting journals to the client, thus saving more time.’
–Han Wurtz, Business Evangelist

Businesses today are beginning to realise the importance of streamlining their work processes. The ability to collaborate across functional boundaries, time zones or even beyond organisational borders is becoming a factor of success.

For accountants, making the move from the double ledger to the cloud based single ledger is a total game changer.  You will not have to worry about swapping data files, making sure that each file is compatible with your clients’ software, and you will not have to wait while your client does their work. Automation reduces the compliance time and costs, which is something your clients will especially appreciate.

Top 3 benefits of the single ledger

  1. Better collaboration.
  2. Time saving.
  3. Accessibility.

Shared access between client and accountant creates a more connected, cooperative and motivated relationship which naturally contributes to increased efficiency; and who doesn’t want that? Everything is integrated. This leads to a seamless workflow, which in turn, creates more time that can be spent developing a stronger client base. Live access makes the job much more available. Having the option to access all ledgers with one sign in, from anywhere at any time—well, that is innovation at its finest.

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