How to grow in the future?

There are many ways to grow a company. You can acquire the growth through more marketing, more salespeople, aggressive pricing, acquisition of other companies etc. or you can grow a company through making customers so delighted by our products and services that they recommend us to friends and colleagues.

The long term growth occurs because customers love to do business with us and tell about us. Our mission is to enrich the business life of our customers and employees and we shall never diminish the life of our customers and employees. As loyal and satisfied customers make our business faster growing and more profitable, leaders want customers to be happy.
The challenge is how to know what customers feel and think about us.  We need to establish accountability on customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction shall be a part of the reporting of all Visma companies just like financial reporting. We need to benchmark our self within Visma and with the market leaders on customer satisfaction. We need one single number reported per company or customer-segment.
The data-collection and calculation shall be done according to industry standard procedures to facilitate bench-marking, within Visma and externally.
This number is call Net Promoter Score, NPS. We shall ask our customers:  “On a scale from 0-10, how likely is it that you would recommend the products and services of Visma to a friend or colleague?” Those who answer 9 and 10 are called promoters, those who score 0 to 6 are called detractors.
NPS = % promoters – % detractors
In the coming weeks we will come back with more information about implementing NPS research, what to do with the data we collect and how to steady improve NPS and customer satisfaction.
Øystein Moan