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How to manage business critical IT systems

More or less every company and organization have business critical IT systems supporting their business processes. For sure the same companies and organizations have experienced continuous needs for upgrades and additional development of their IT systems. Actually, adding new features and adjusting the IT systems to changed and new business needs is an absolute matter of necessity to maintain the full benefit of the IT systems. But how do organizations ensure that the IT systems are adjusted and updated in an efficient way?

How to manage business critical IT systems
How to manage business critical IT systems

The answer is an effective Application Management framework. A framework proven to be effective is based on the following elements:

  • Maintenance and system development services
  • Delivery processes
  • Team and service support organization
  • Service level agreements

Separately none of the elements are unique. The challenge is to mix them into an effective Application Management service that ensures that the IT systems at all times support the needs of the organization and it’s users. Those organizations that manage to establish an Application Management framework together with their vendors experience that they have more time to focus on their own core business, get more predictable application management costs, handling of changes and error correction becomes more efficient, less vulnerability for critical IT competences, and a more systematic and planned approach to system updates, just to mention some of the benefits derived from effective Application Management.

So why don’t check once more if your Application Management deliveries are as effective as they should be!

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