How we want to make a successful web based marketing campaign even better

How to improve on a successful web based marketing campaign
How to improve on a successful web based marketing campaign

Our campaign for a payroll conference generated plenty conversions. But by studying user behaviour during the sign up process we can improve further.

Recently I was fortunate to participate on a well-executed and successful web based marketing campaign. The goal was to get payroll professionals to sign up for an annual conference.

When the initial eDMs went out the sign-ups jumped to 66. Two weeks later we broke 500. Despite over 9.000 recipients, the fact that these were actual orders at NOK 6.300 a pop – and not ‘soft’ conversions – made the result really enjoyable.

So, how did we get there?

Let’s rewind two months to the first briefing. The groundwork done by the project manager and her team was nothing short of impressive:

  • Experiences and learning from previous campaigns
  • Careful segmentation
  • Pinpointed messages to each segment
  • Precise target market insight

They did, however, need help with the creative concept and execution to create attention and recognition across the campaign outlets.

What did we do?

Through a creative process we came up with a concept that united the conference’s most high profile key note speaker with our main message, “Get prepared for the year-end closing of the accounts”.

The wording in the eDMs was carefully crafted to suit the various target segments. Also, we involved an Adwords specialist who identified strategic messages, keywords and also helped polish off the ads.

In addition we advertised on Infoline (an online message board inside the software) and on We had the key note speakers blog and interact on Twitter and LinkedIn during the campaign period, and telemarketing will be involved towards the end of the campaign.

4 ways we can improve next year

  1. We need to simplify the sign up process. Ideally to the point where users can sign up without leaving the landing page.
  2. By improving on the current sign up process we can also better track and measure user behaviour on the site. This in turn will allow us attack cart abandonment (users leaving in the middle of the order process) with personal follow-ups. And we can make tweaks and improvements in real time where we see fit.
  3. We should also prompt social media sharing on the receipt page. For participants who have signed up, it is great to be able to show their networks that they are still developing their skills. And of course it is great for us to receive the recommendation.
  4. Also we should look at how we can better exploit our long tail potential by promoting related products and courses.

What made this a success?

In my mind the biggest success factor was the work put into the planning and research ahead of the campaign. This, coupled with the fact that we started early, allowed us to be both effective and frugal.

At the time of writing we are midway through the campaign period. So far, we are on track towards our goal of 1.000 sign ups, but work still remains to make sure we get there.

What are your advice when selling events, such as seminars and conferences? Please share in the comments!