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In-app feedback in Approval

We would like the improvements of our services to be even more driven by customer needs – now there is a new feedback channel in town!

In-app feedback in Approval
In-app feedback in Approval

How it works

Whenever a customer has got an idea for an improvement, he or she may now use a new feedback option which is available directly from some of our services. Here you can see where this is placed in the top menu in Approval, where documents such as invoices and expenses are approved by specific users. Approval: Customer feedback option

This is in no way meant as a substitute for the standard customer support, but as an addition to it, where customer ideas and input given in context of solving real tasks become directly available to the development team during development.

In the feedback, which is given through a simple questionnaire, the customer can describe what happens, suggest changes, as well as state opinions about the service. If they want, they can also allow for us to contact them later if we need further elaborations.

Survey: Feedback on Approval

The benefits Approval started using this feature for gathering feedback in spring 2018. Since then, we have received a lot of interesting ideas from hundreds of people and have worked on addressing the most frequent ones. We have also gotten the opportunity to start an ongoing dialogue with many of our customers.

Each new feedback triggers a notification to the development team, and we then further categorize and refine that input. This feature is available 24/7 and allows us to be better at measuring the temperature of the users and suggest and make adjustments as we go. It also makes it easier to find solutions for edge cases which can be hard to detect, e.g. if some strange extension in one specific browser inflicts the user.

When we describe and plan new development or a change, we can now directly refer to customer needs using the users own words, and this is very useful for all who work to make the service meet real customer needs and solve real problems for them.

We read and process all messages, and this new feedback channel has now become a vital tool for improving the service for the customers.

Keep the input coming!

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