9 Tips to increase your online sales this Christmas

Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is quickly approaching and e-commerce sales are expected to set new records. If you sell online and want to increase your sales this season,  it’s smart to start planning now.

Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is quickly approaching and online sales are expected to set new records. If you sell online and want to increase your sales this season, it’s smart to start planning now.

9 Things you should consider:

1. Mobile is a must

Your customers are on the go. It is becoming more and more common to make online purchases from mobile devices.  Over the past three years, the percentage who acted on a mobile device has risen from 16 to 42 percent.

Therefore, it is essential that your online shop is mobile friendly. It is important that you ensure the content you create is mobile-friendly, meaning it is short, to the point and can easily be scanned while on the go.

2. Planning

You need to plan for your Christmas season in good time. What your plan looks like depends on what type of online store you have.  If you have an online gift shop, now is the perfect time to go all in with your marketing. It is estimated that half of the money spent at Christmas goes to buying presents. The other half goes to decorations, food, drink and travel.

No matter what type of online shop you have, you can take advantage of the Christmas shopping season. Whether it be a campaign, competition or advertising with a Christmas theme, just make sure you have a plan. Doing so can help build your brand.

3. Decorate your webshop

Creating a Christmas theme on your webshop will help to get your customers in the  right emotional mindset to start thinking about Christmas, and especially about Christmas gifts. Therefore, visitors coming to your website should notice the Christmas theme. It need not be big changes, but Christmas images and colours, such as red, white, green and gold, will help ensure your website  has a Christmas feel.

4. Paid online marketing

If possible, consider  promoting your company and your products through Adwords, especially Google Shopping Campaigns. You should also consider Facebook and Instagram, as they give  you the opportunity to buy targeted marketing for your specific target audience.

5. Special Christmas offers

Christmas and Easter are perfect for running offers, discounts and promotions. Free shipping and free wrapping are particularly appreciated when it is time to order Christmas gifts. Extra fast delivery is also something that all customers would appreciate during the Christmas hustle and bustle.

6. Email

The closer Christmas comes, the more customised mailings can be. Promotions and subject headings like “Christmas at the last minute” or “Holiday sales end in a week.” This does not mean you should spam your customers with a lot of mail. The idea is to create desire and make them want to buy before the Christmas season is over.

7. Social media

Post content on your Christmas campaigns and offers. Feel free to ask questions to get to know more and start a dialogue with your target audience. Christmas time can also be a great opportunity to have a contest or lottery. Engage with your followers by rewarding them when they  share something about your business.

8. Take advantage of customers who buy at the last minute

If you have not started your Christmas campaign in mid-December and think that it is too late? Then think again. Many customers wait until the last minute and those who have short delivery can get many orders just before Christmas.

9. Follow-up

It is important to follow up customers who have bought from you during the holiday shopping season. Take this opportunity to build relationships with your new customers to keep them coming back. Do this by checking in with them and asking them if they are happy with their product. You can also offer them discounts or memberships with benefits. The idea is to build loyalty and gain loyal customers.

This is a translation from a blog post from Visma SPCS. 

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