Internship In Visma Severa

I am a 26 year-old marketing student who fulfilled her occupational internship in Severa Corp for 10 weeks. BBA degree demands all together 20 weeks of internship but I have completed half of that earlier as a basic internship. I intend to graduate by the end of this year. The only work I have left is completing my internship and writing my thesis.

Previously I gained many years of summer work experience from a variety of jobs such as delivering post, cleaning burn sites, heavy industry shift work couple of summers, assisting in an IT-store and carrying out an internship in paper mill’s IT-support. Additionally I also completed a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Information Technology prior to studying marketing.

Information technology is clearly my thing; it’s a part of me and almost a lifestyle. I started studying also to receive a BBA because I noticed that I can’t be “cubicle coder”. As an extroverted person I don’t want to get buried in office corner rather get to work among people, seek new challenges and creating new contacts.

I have always hoped that in work life I get to do something that interests me. The IT sector is near to my heart so combining it with business action, it creates my dream job. Severa has these both and it’s great to be able to follow how such a company works.

Getting Experience

I wanted my internship place to be something that interests me, is challenging and most of all to get important experience for my career. At Severa I was able to develop my basic knowledge with practice and learning many new things. Severa has opened my eyes to use new marketing methods of communication such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs. I don’t think that I would have thought to use these marketing channels because they haven’t been noticed yet in school’s education.

I have experienced firsthand how Severa has found new ways to bring campaigns to people’s awareness and spread the word about their business. I have looked interesting articles for Severa’s Twitter –page. Additionally I have been looking for more contacts to Twitter -page. In blogs we have commented topics near to Severa’s activities and with this we have tried to wake up people’s interest in Severa.

Starting in Severa was quite easy because of the good and informal atmosphere and the great people that made me feel welcome. I have had the chance to bend the basics of marketing, while seeking for information and updating customer info. Though routine, it gives you a surprisingly well perspective in the marketing department’s actions. I have noticed that it’s good to change tasks to keep interest high and do whatever it takes to get something completed. To me the main thing is to understand how things work and to learn as much as possible.

Karoliina took me under her wing to brief me on the company’s basic activities, practices and my tasks. She always gives her support when needed and is guiding in colleague. I was very excited to improve my English skills with Zaki and as a result I notice my improved speaking and extended vocabulary. Zaki has taught me new marketing means, techniques and practices. Henri is a lovely handyman who seems to be involved in every project. Henri has helped me to think of the alternatives in visual implementation and also with basic IT practices. With Heini I have thought of some new campaign ideas and new possibilities of marketing. Every now and then I get to ask from the technical guys and customer service difficult questions and it’s great to have thorough answers. Unfortunately I haven’t been yet able to work much with the rest of the gang but I look forward to that with enthusiasm. Luckily I have been able to get to know them outside of work.

School knowledge vs. reality

School is still highlighted with traditional marketing means. There hasn’t been much involvement with internet-marketing. We have become familiar with the enormous popularity of internet business and discussion board and how reliable this is. We have also scratched the surface in some parts of e-business. Probably the reason is that there isn’t knowhow in this field in Finland and if there is it hasn’t reached its way to the school bench. During my internship I have learned much more about the possibilities that the internet brings by looking at the results of my accomplishments. Of course it’s good that traditional means of marketing are not forgotten but it would be great to bring new ways among students awareness and by this make them think of new possibilities.

In school we have been taught all sorts of things about organizing trade shows how to prepare yourself and reserve time. When searching information about trade shows it’s difficult in the beginning to know how to prioritize them in order of importance or which trade show fits our needs best. This type of a basic work gives you good experience and which you don’t learn in school. With work experience, your information retrieval skills develop, you get the idea of what to take notice when making reservations and you get ability to categorize.

I believe trade shows are highlighted in school because of their great opportunity to create new contacts on the spot and spread the word of your own company. It’s also an easy way to make an impression and remain in peoples mind. There has been a lot of talk here in Severa about going to trade shows in its homeland and abroad get the word out about Severa and to help make new contacts. School courses are correct in emphasizing that you need to start the trade show preparations in good time.

Tiina Rossi