Interview with Anders Sporring

At Severa we have a Free Beach Ball competition for our Twitter followers. One of the lucky winners is Anders Sporring from Stockholm, who is better known on the web as cityrat59.

Anders has a strong career in project management, quality assurance, maintenance and logistics. These days he’s seeking new professional opportunities in his established field. But while he waits for opportunity to knock on his door, he is taking a stab at social media marketing.

Anders manages an interesting blog called Sporring Social Media.  I had a chance to interview the social media guru about Twitter and his experiences with it.

Q: How do you like using Twitter?

A: In the beginning I found Twitter hard to use, I preferred to use Jaiku and loved the way Jaiku threaded messages and comments. Now I only use Twitter, and a little Bloggy (Swedish microblog).


Q: What are the pros and cons of it? How do you think Twitter helps businesses?

A: A big advantage with Twitter is obviously the large amount of people you can reach. I see a bright future for microblogs or equal services due to the speed and openness (transparency.) These can be used as business advantages when it comes to customer-company related discussions. I also think it’s important for companies (organizations, etc.) to realize they’re a persona when acting in social media. And, therefore they need to act and react like that.

Some good words of wisdom there from the social media pro. I often use Twitter for Severa, not just to talk business, but also to reach out to people. In one such occasion, I was able to read up about Ander’s 2.5 year old Persian cat, christened Trollet.

Her story is that she was given to Anders by a friend that couldn’t keep her. Trollet and Anders have now lived together about 4 months now. Anders suspects that if he let Trollet play with the ball it would be deflated right away…

Anders also mentions that he’s seeking new professional challenges while pursing his new career in social media. He is not limiting new opportunities within Sweden and is open to any international interesting assignment. Anders also tells that he is fluent in English (as fluent a Swede can be).

If you are interested to know more about Anders, you can contact Anders at anders (at)

Text: Tiina Rossi