Let’s keep in touch

It’s the end of November. One more month almost passed. Again. For me (and many others in the finance department) it means that it is time to close accounting, time to calculate accruals, taxes etc. and in a few days it is the dead line and time to report.

You always think how to make the month end closing more fluent, how to speed up things. And just when you have developed an improvement something new pops up slowing down the process again. Sometimes it may feel frustrating but do not feel hopeless. If you have a network of professional around you may have possibility to share the things by delegating, calling in a colleague or even by outsourcing. The professional net work consists of your own team, colleagues in other departments, subsidiaries and headquarter, auditors, and even the outsourced service provider.  We all probably work with the same issues in these days and share the goal to get month closed asap. Most obviously someone has had the same challenge that you might have now and solved it.  So, you are in the middle of a very capable net work for solving your issue.  Therefore, I strongly recommend you to establish, maintain and remember to use the network around you. We are there for you. So, let’s keep in touch.