Meet and greet

Hey there!

I’m now two months into my engagement as a Management trainee at Visma, which means it’s time to meet and greet!

Ever seen anyone so excited about a piece of plastic before?

Ever seen anyone so excited about a piece of plastic before?

My name is Anne Solhaug, and I’m a 25 year old struggler from Tønsberg. I hold an MSc in Applied Economics and Finance from Copenhagen Business School, as well as a BSc Degree in Business Administration from Norwegian School of Management (BI).

I’ve been lucky to experience a lot during my studies, like a semester abroad at UC Berkeley, going to Kenya to research for my master thesis, exciting internships and multiple student commissions, but little did I know that my adventures had only just begun. From the first day I stepped into the Visma building at Skøyen in Oslo I’ve been met with challenges and adventures I could only dream of for a first position – not to mention a learning curve steeper than the Mount Everest. As the only girl in a team of seven I’m exposed to some ridiculous conversations during lunch about Fifa and other things I don’t know, nor wish to know, anything about, but other than that I enjoy every second here.

Proof of enjoying!

Proof of enjoying!

The Management trainee program is organized with five rotations, each containing a new project. The projects are typically a current challenge the company is facing, development of a business area or quality assurance of existing processes. In addition to our five main projects we’re also in charge of each our “mini project”, to be carried out parallel to the main projects.

My first main project is for a Visma company called Visma Collectors AS – a company that handles invoicing and debt collection. The industry Collectors is operating in is highly vulnerable for changes in government rules and regulations, and hence needs the ability to adopt and restructure efficiently in order to stay competitive. In my current project I’m looking at their profitability, and developing a new price structure for the company. As a result my life is all numbers and excel spread sheets these days (at least I get to apply some of the VBA programming I learned in school – who would have thought?!), but hey, I’m loving every second of it! Of course I’m not doing this all by myself; I have a project group which I meet with once a week to go through the progress of my project, and I also have a mentor which I can empty my heart to when the numbers get the best of me.

Our second project was just revealed, and for the next rotation (starting November 5th) I’ll be working in Consulting with sales. I’m very excited to get some new challenges, and to get to know a new business area in the huge Visma Corporation.

Until then it’s all about finishing my first project in a (hopefully) successful manner, and preparing to take on the next adventures that are waiting.