Meet our employees – This is Andreas

Andreas Olsen


What is your educational background and what work experience did you have prior to your employment at Visma?
I am educated from the University of Copenhagen where I studied computer science, I graduated one and a half year ago and then I joined Visma’s graduate program in September 2013.

During my studies, I was self-employed and I made mobile applications for a company. I made an app that helps dyslexics and visually impaired people with reading documents aloud by taking a picture of the document- it works with help from speech synthesis and optical character recognition. The app recognizes the characters on the images and read it aloud.

What are you doing at Visma?
I work as a software developer and I am programming and finding errors in systems. If an error is reported on a system, I try to find it, and see what I can do to correct it.

What kind of project are you working on at the moment?
Since August I have been working on a project at The Patient Insurance Association, they are in a process where they are digitizing their case handling system. The association has over 100 caseworkers who are judging damages. They have a big it-system that is completely customized to their needs, where they are adding information and receiving documents that need to go into the system.

It is documents either from citizens, hospitals or doctors etc. The Association is treating over 1000 cases each year and every case has a lot of documents attached to it, so there is really a lot of documents to keep track of.

Their plan is that all their work needs to be digitized in 2015, and that is a challenge because of the amount of documents attached to each case. The caseworkers need an overview of the cases and the status of each case, so this is what we are working on now.

What is your role in the project?
Our business consultant, Esben, is in a continuous dialogue with the customer about what demands they have, and he finds out what we need to work on in order to satisfy the customer. He report back to us and tell us what we need to work on, and then it is our job as developers to implement the customer’s demands into the system. Right now, we are three developers working on the project, and it is a lot of new development at the moment and not so many corrections, and that is pretty fun to work on.

What is your favorite task?
It probably is when a customer has a need and I have to try to find out how to solve it the best possible way. If there is a complex business logic, I have to find out how to fit that into the contemporary system and how to build business logic on top of the system and get the different components to fit together. 

What are you working on right now?
Right now, I am working on developing The Patient Insurance Associations system. I also find support and correction of system errors to be fun tasks because you have to dig deep into the system to find where the mistake has occurred in order to correct it.

How is it to work at Visma?
I think it is fun because you get to try to work on many different projects. I like the versatility of working at the customer’s sight, but also sometimes being at Visma’s office and working from there.

What is your favorite activity outside work?
I have two children and a girlfriend that I spend a lot of time with, then I like to play a bit of guitar and I watch many TV shows on HBO and Netflix such as Breaking Bad etc.