Meet our employees – This is Andrius

Andrius Čepaitis


What is your educational background and what do you do at Visma?
I received my master’s degree in computer science from Vilnius University. My area of interest at that time was cloud computing and effective resource allocation algorithms, as this was trendy. I even wrote  a paper into one Lithuanian scientific journal on this topic.

Before joining Visma I already had a 4 years of experience developing different enterprise solutions and working in a big bureaucratic Lithuanian company. When I came to Visma Lietuva in 2011 it was just a 6 developer’s company. Despite that fact I joined the team as a .NET developer. I believed in a vision of building a processes free, flat structured, geeky company, which would be managed by developers not by process or bureaucracy oriented managers. At the moment I thought that it was my best career decision as I had possibility to participate and learn in a rapid growth of the company from 6 to 200 developers just in 3 years by now and it’s still growing with ambitions to reach 500 and more. This is awesome.

Currently I participate in different interesting and challenging projects mostly based on .NET technologies.


— Visma is a company of discovery, Andrius says.

What is your favourite task?
I usually don’t have any preferences for tasks, as I think that all work is good and worth to be done, even if it is repetitive, as people say – “repetition is a mother of learning”. But of course there are tasks which I like better and I don’t think that I will surprise you much here as for every developer favourite task of course – problem solving. But this definition has very high level of abstraction, so to be more specific here I say that my favourite task is refactoring. Because refactoring is a development process of discovery, when you as a developer can find patterns in your code and restructuring it make your code less rigid, less fragile, more mobile and not so complex. For us developers who modelling our systems from “tables” and writing code to transform data from one table to another fancier one, only creative process is how to make that transformation in a clean manner.

How is it to work at Visma?
It is awesome! I think we have here everything that every developer can dream about: highly skilled colleagues who are passionate about technologies and thinking wider than MVC pattern, free pizza, Xbox, foosball, CodeMonkeys (knowledge sharing), Kudos (respect points) and more. In my opinion the thing that distinct Visma from other IT companies is this special culture where everyone who have enthusiasm and desire can participate in building company and influence significant changes. I have always said that Visma is a company of discovery where you can discover not only something for yourself, but yourself, something what you even didn’t think you can be or do. Most important thing from career perspective which Visma gives you is of course ability to be and work among experts which triggers unwillingness to fall behind and learn.

What is your favourite activity outside work?
I don’t have much hobbies. As every geek I prefer computer over activities where you are required to move. Joking. On my spare time I usually watch Pluralsight courses or reading technical books mainly about some low level stuff as in my opinion for “true” developer it is not enough to know how to use technology. I think knowing how to develop MVC app is the same as knowing how to create table with sum and average formulas in Excel – it is the same Monkey work. Knowing how to write your code in more effective manner taking into account how memory allocation, boxing, unboxing, string manipulations, compiler, virtual machine works, that is what distinct you from Code monkey and defines you as an engineer. I also like to socialize in pubs or bars with a beer and discuss stuff which I learned with other people and learn from them too. Of course such discussions usually grows into something global and philosophical, but this helps to see things wider.

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