Meet our employees – This is Aud

Aud Halldis Gullhagen


What do you do at Visma?
I work as an accountant and have my own customer portfolio. As team leader, I have responsibility for personnel and I also work with internal tasks. For our customers, I work with accounting from A to Z and advice them within financial planning as budgeting, cash management and tax planning so that they can reach their goals and maximize profits.

What is your favourite task?
It is satisfying to work with the final work as annual reports and accounts. Then I get an overview and see the context. This gives me a basis to build useful advice for our customers. Analysing the figures during the year is also fun. Further, tying good contact with customers and monitor the development of their company is inspiring to work with.

What are you working with now?
I am focusing on streamlining production work so that we can have more time to build up the counselling part for customers. Streamlining runs partly on adopting the most integrated solutions and file transfers in cooperation with the customer. Examples include electronic document flow, payment transactions and e-invoicing.

What is your favourite activity outside work?
I like being active and social and doing activities like cycling, jogging and football. I also try to have time for hiking in the mountains and fishing. Now that winter is upon us, I look forward to snowboarding and cross-country skiing. My dog is a great companion on many of the activities.

Aud participates at the advisory program in Visma

Aud participates at the advisory program in Visma