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Meet our employees – This is Katarina

Katarina works as a Marketing & Sales Coordinator at Visma. Read this blog post and get to know more

Meet our employees - This is Katarina
Meet our employees – This is Katarina

Name: Katarina Tour

Nationality: Swedish

Job:  Marketing & Sales Coordinator of Visma Enterprise AB

What is your educational background?
Master’s degree in Management from Stockholm School of Economics

What have you been working with lately?
I recently switched position within Visma from sales to marketing after an opportunity appeared when Visma Agda AB and the newly acquired Aditro Public merged and created Visma Enterprise AB. The merge has come with both fun and challenging opportunities and we are currently working on projects such as implementing the CRM-system SuperOffice, accelerating the use of Marketing Automation through Eloqua, launching our new webpage, launching LeadsGo across the organization and moving our customer pages to Visma Community.

How is it to work at Visma?
I often say that my job at Visma is like working at a startup company within a large enterprise. We operate in a fast changing industry so the tempo is high and there is always a need for adjustments and ad hoc problem solving. At the same time Visma offers a stabile work environment, a strong financial backing and a great industry brand so there are a lot of opportunities to do good business and excel at what you do.

“There are a lot of opportunities to do good business and excel at what you do”

What is your favorite activity outside work?
I have a background in the world of swimming and I love that I still has a foot into the sport. Today I work a few hours per week as an operations manager for the top ranked swimming club in Sweden, SK Neptun, where I manage the children’s activities at Eriksdalsbadet for all the pre-competitive groups. It is also a great opportunity to get back in the water for another favorite activity of mine – working out.

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