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Meet our employees – This is Simona

Wondering how life as a front-end software developer is in Visma? Meet Simona and get to know more!

Simona Jurgelėnaitė
Simona Jurgelėnaitė


Simona Jurgelėnaitė



What is your educational background and what do you do at Visma?

I graduated from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. First, I started as a software development intern and then I was offered a permanent position as a front-end software developer. I do a lot of modern Javascript coding with stuff like AngularJS, play with HTML5/CSS3 to solve all sorts of cross-browser issues or just help the team to build nice and cool UI. I hear I am quite good at it and it really feels cool when some older more experienced dudes come asking for help with AngularJS nuances for directives, modules and controllers.

I am not an expert yet, it takes many years, but I’m getting there! Additionally, I am a member of the Office Committee, so I am responsible for all strategic things related to office interior design, equipment, ergonomics etc. I also participate in Visma UX mentor program. And yes, I did the concept art for the secret CodeFights project we have here. I can hardly imagine my life being different now.

What is your favourite task?

Since I’m a front-end developer, I always try to keep an eye on what is new in the world of web applications. My favourite task at work is whatever task which lets me apply new things I learnt in big scale real life projects.

How is it to work at Visma?

When I came to Visma two years ago, I was surprised by its developer-oriented culture. Everything here is done for the well-being of developers and it’s really important to me when you can concentrate on things you like doing the most and care not about other things going in the background.

Besides having a constant possibility to grow as a professional, here at Visma you get a full potential to express your creativity. Wherever you have an urge to hack some gadget, organize team building activities or make your office space more cosy and geeky – you‘re more than welcome to do that.

I believe that when you have a professional environment mixed with a creative spirit, that‘s when your workers are really satisfied and happy – I see this at Visma a lot.

What is your favourite activity outside work?

I think my favourite activities are somehow related to volunteering. Wherever it means belonging to a worldwide couchsurfing community which concept is based on letting travellers around the world stay at your place just for the sake of giving a hand and simply making new friends or volunteering at local film festivals – it makes me happy to do it. I guess I‘m pretty lucky to have a job which leaves me time and energy to do all these free yet very rewarding things outside it.

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