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Meet our employees – This is Cato

Cato works as Sales and Consultant Manager in one Visma’s software departments. Read this blog post to get to know more

Meet our employees - This is Cato
Meet our employees – This is Cato

Name: Cato Eliassen

Nationality: Norwegian

Job: Sales and Consultant Manager

What is your educational background?
My educational background is a mixture of different lines and courses varying between economics, entrepreneurship, marketing and management. This resulted in a Master of Science in Management with Major in International Management. I spent four years at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo and one year at Fudan University in Shanghai.

What are you working at now?
I am working as Sales and Consultant Manager in one of our software departments, i.e. Visma Software. My main responsibility is our sales and deliveries of different products to the contracting industry, but also services connected to products such as PX Control and My job is rather operational, and includes everything from sales and market planning to product development and performance assessment for employees.

How is it to work at Visma?
Visma is a very inspiring and demanding place to work. Being a software company delivering a wide range of products and services to increase efficiency, we are challenged and need to adapt every day. As changes in the market can come from one day to the other, we constantly need to develop and be in front. This is a common platform for the employees, and is probably some of the reason why I thrive with both the people I work with and what we bring to the market.

“As changes in the market can come from one day to the other, we constantly need to develop and be in front”


What is your favourite activity outside work?
Outside work, sports is my favourite activity. Football used to take up most of my time, but for the last couple of years, triathlon has taken much of the interest. It started with a challenge to participate in Ironman in Copenhagen, and has so far evolved in being an athlete in this year’s Norseman and being tested in what many consider to be the ultimate triathlon.

I am not quite sure why triathlon is so appealing to me, but I guess it has something to do with the endurance and the feeling of both mastering different sports and challenging yourself. In addition, you do not do this kind of training without your friends, so it is actually very social.

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