Meet our employees – This is Laura

Meet the employees at Visma - this is Laura

Name: Laura Arajuma

Nationality: Latvian

Job: Client Relationship Manager

What is your educational background?

I have graduated from University of Latvia. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Pedagogics (Informatics teacher) and hold a Master’s degree (Education Management). Two years ago I passed SCRUM Master Certification at Scrum Alliance.

I believe my educational background is much more than just the degrees and certifications. To my mind, the personal experience and willingness to achieve new horizons play a much bigger role.

What are you working at now?

At the moment I work in the sales team at Visma Enterprise in Latvia. My main responsibility and focus now are the maintenance and support of sales.

How is it to work at Visma?

For me it has been an interesting experience to work at Visma, because I started to work at Visma Enterprise when Visma bought FMS. It is exciting to see how the company is growing and changing from Latvian company to a Nordic company. I am pleased to hear keywords such as lean, kanban, and agile more often at our company.

“Every day we think about how to do things differently and more effectively. I am proud to be working at Visma”

Every day we think about how to do things differently and more effectively. I am proud to be working at Visma.

What is your favourite activity outside work?119513519327940467826511127116081157731345n

I like meeting new people, talking to them and having fun. Mostly, I meet new people while playing table foosball. I have been playing table foosball every other Sunday already for three years. I don’t feel that I am professional player, because the professionals of Latvia and Lithuania play almost every day for 2-5 hours. For me it is more like a hobby and the way to meet my friends and get to know new people.

Besides playing foosball I like watching movies, reading books and having small bicycle tours.


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