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My Eurotrip with Visma

“Hey! My name is Edda and I’m one of the 10 management trainees at Visma this year.”

Management trainee Edda

I had no idea how good I was going to get at introducing myself when I entered the Visma headquarters at the end of August last year. Now, 4 projects later, I have lived in 4 different countries, met countless new colleagues, caught interest in areas which I had no idea I would be interested in, and made my parents very confused.

The management trainee program is a one year program for newly graduated master students. During the year we are introduced to Visma, different business units, and locations within the Visma group through 5 projects. Each project lasts for 2-3 months, which means that almost every second month, you start a new job with new colleagues, new work tasks and responsibilities.

Management trainees gathered in Helsinki
The whole group reunited in Helsinki in April

All of us had our first project in Oslo. My first project was an infrastructure cost analysis for the Product Unit, where the software development takes place. Having a background in finance, this area was completely new for me. Super exciting and I definitely learned a thing or two about software development, and snuck my way to PUDD, the Product Unit’s developer days hosted in Berlin this time. On top of this I got to spend two months in Oslo with all the other trainees, where I quickly found out that an umbrella would be my most profitable investment.

My second project was in Helsinki, where I was doing a project for the sales department at Visma Solutions. Helsinki was different in many ways and comparable in some ways. In a nutshell, my two monthin Finland consisted of endless Sauna trips, constant use of Google translate, and miscommunication. The Finns took good care of me and made sure that I got familiar with the Finnish culture.

Management trainee Edda integrating into Dutch culture
Integrating into the Dutch culture

After two months in Helsinki, I decided that I wanted to do a project in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In Amsterdam I was doing a project for the Finance department, implementing Tableau for the Netherlands. The stay in Amsterdam was a lot of fun! Seeing how Visma works outside of Scandinavia and how they do business in the Netherlands was very interesting.

My 4th project was in Copenhagen, where I have been living and doing my studies. There I was a part of a Go-to-Market team for ERP in Denmark. Very exciting project with a lot of teamwork and collaboration across countries.

Deciding on the future...

It’s safe to say that time flies when you’re having fun… Because sadly the trainee year is almost over. My last project will be in Dublin, so that is where I get to spend my summer. What I really like about working at Visma, is that our offices can be very different. Some of them have a really cool startup kind of feeling while others are more established and organized. Not only have my projects been different, the office culture has also been different from location to location. The whole journey has been amazing and now it’s time to decide what I want to do from the 1st of September.

Do I settle down in Copenhagen, where I have been living for the past three years? Or do I get out of my comfort zone and move to Oslo? ..this time for more than just two months. The possibilities are endless and this process requires a lot of introspection. Luckily, I am well prepared after the trainee program and figuring out what I want to do came naturally. In June, I will figure out which position waits for me after the summer, where I will continue doing what I like the most. Analytics, travelling, and working with people.

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