My first project meeting


In my first month as a trainee, I have read a lot about Visma and about what a quality assurer does. I am still reading about software testing, international standards because I believe it is very important to know best practices and the best ways in which you are supposed to do your job.

In addition I was assigned to a project aiming to ease transformation of data from different sources and in various formats. For instance, when you need to import data from an Excel file, transform it and send it wherever you want in whichever format you need. My tasks include gathering requirements for this project and evaluate the tools selected, so that an informed decision can be made about which tool to choose.

For this project I also have the support of my colleagues and they are very helpful, because I have a lot of questions. 🙂 Being a trainee and new at this is like learning how to walk, so I expect some bumps and bruises along the way 🙂 but you have to make some mistakes in order to learn.

Mondays are also “hard” as we managed to lock ourselves out of the office last Monday. 🙂 We all (the trainees in Sibiu) left for lunch and returned only to discover that our access cards weren’t working. A few colleagues came to our rescue and opened it for us. On the bright side, we met other colleagues and had good laugh. Of course this had to happen just before the project meeting, but all is well when it ends well as I was able to participate in the meeting and get feedback on my work.

Can’t wait to see what happens next! 🙂