Have no fear, automation is here

At Visma, we aim to develop business systems that streamline your life. Everything from automated processes to developed technology with the user (you) in focus. But every once in awhile it’s nice to talk about other things that make your everyday life easier. So today we start with efficiency tip number one.

The world around us is becoming more and more automated. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. I for one have chosen to welcome automation with open arms. Here is one reason why.

Have you ever fallen asleep on your bus and then wake up eight stops and forty-five minutes away from home? Speaking from experience, it’s not a good feeling.

How you can use existing technology to automate your life

Last month, the web app automation service, ifttt (If This Then That), added a new location channel to its iOS app. This means users can trigger different recipes when entering or exiting a specific area.  For example, when I hit a particular location  IFTT triggers a push notification that will wake me up from my slumber or get my attention diverted from my newsfeeds.

You can also build recipes that give you real time notifications when someone mentions you or your business on social media. Imagine being able to answer a person on Twitter who mentions your company within a minute -that is customer care at it’s finest.  These are just a few example of the various recipes you can create – check out 110 more recipes here.

If you already use ifttt or other similar apps and want to share the knowledge, sound off in the comments section below.