NPS is the way to go!

Six months has passed since the first day I entered Visma’s headquarters as a fresh Management Trainee. I really didn’t know what to expect (besides the facts I already knew) – all I expected this upcoming year was getting a learning experience of Visma and the real working life in general.

Two trainee projects have passed. The first project was really immense and complicated; I needed to get acquainted to Visma’s internal processes in addition to learning new features of marketing that I’ve never heard of before. I’m now in my third project, and gained six months of working experience. Things actually go faster than before. But still, I feel that I’m about to learn even more, and I’m craving for more experience into the breadth of Visma’s professional fields.

My current project has so far been very exciting. There’s no doubt that the project has required the practical use of the many topics I’ve learnt at school; organizational change management, Excel-skills, marketing surveys, statistics, people management and so on. Visma aspires to be one of the pioneers in implementing Net Promoter Score in Norway, and accordingly, every company in Visma has from 2012 been reporting monthly net promoter scores. My project entails implementing NPS in Visma Advantage Norway, the company that lives by negotiating procurement agreements for its customers. Today, Visma Advantage Norway has about 4400 customers, and throughout 2012, every single customer should be contacted and asked about the score. Inevitably, this is not an easy task. Questions that contain “how”, “by whom”, and “when” flourish at the procedure plan is being made and conducted, and the task has required lots of insight into the company’s internal working processes when aligning to the Visma Group’s guiding principles.


I’m so grateful for the experiences I’ve had with Visma Advantage, and I’m surely going to bring my acquired knowledge further to my next project: “Cross Sales”.