5 Tips to improve your health if you sit at a computer all day

You may have heard that the workplace is contributing negatively to your health. We spend at least one third of our lives at work, so developing healthy habits in the office can help improve our quality of life. Here are five simple, practical tips you can start using today to stay healthy at work:

Switch your seat

If you’re mainly working from an office all day, try sitting on an exercise ball for some of your day. This strengthens your core and works different muscles. In the last few years, several researches have deemed that sitting is the smoking of our generation. Other alternatives are using a standing desk and alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day, and walking during your meetings.

Drink plenty of water

This helps with headaches from screens. Try to drink two (or more) 40 oz. of water a day each day. If you have a difficult time remembering to drink water at work, set a timer on your phone reminding you. Another trick for staying hydrated throughout the day is to always keep a full water bottle in plain sight.

Switch between contacts and glasses

Our eyes don’t particularly enjoy staring at screens all day. Give your eyes a break by switching between glasses and contacts throughout the week.  Another option is blue cut lenses  – they claim to act as a shield from the harmful blue light emitted from digital screens that has been related not only to eye strain and dryness, but also to general fatigue, lack of concentration and headaches.

Get regular massages

There are many benefits to getting a massage, such as reducing stress levels, relieving workstation related muscle tension, and maintaining energy levels. Many companies offer massage therapies for employees. Find out if your company offers massages, or treat yourself to a massage every so often.

Move around

The key is to do some kind of activity every day. It doesn’t have to be a five-mile sprint. A walk to and from work, taking the stairs, or doing some light stretching can keep you healthy, even if you stare at screens all day.

Has your digital work had affected your health or sanity? What are you doing to stay healthy?


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