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One month as a Management Trainee

It seemed like yesterday when my bus was delayed with 45 minutes, and I was running for my life to be on time for our first day at work.

Management trainee Viktoria

However, that moment happened over one month ago. Time has flown by since then, but not without bringing an exciting storyline to it.

The welcoming week

So, what happened that first day? Well, I made it on time, with less than two minutes to spare. Out of breath and a bit disoriented I met the other trainees for the first time. Luckily, HR and the other trainees were simply delightful, and my day turned quickly into an excellent start as a new Management Trainee. Throughout the day we learned about our position, about Visma from our CEO, Øystein Moan, and about how our year would take shape. The introduction to our year as trainees continued on Tuesday as well, and we got the chance to get a bit more acquainted over lunch. However, the part of getting to know one another had barely started, because on Wednesday it was time for the “famous” cabin trip to Norefjell!

The cabin trip was one of a kind. We were lucky to have two full days of sun, which meant that we could introduce the concept of “hyttetur” to the non-Norwegians (including hikes, campfires, booze and games at the cabin).

Management trainees on a mountain hike

Starting work the next week was as exciting as coming to work for the very first day (less the stress of having my bus delayed). My first project is at Visma Advantage, where I’m creating a template for an annual consulting report, which is to be sent out to Visma Advantage’s clients at the beginning of next year. Visma Advantage is a procurement pool which clients of Visma can buy into. In addition to being a loyalty program, the company performs cost-based analysis and measures market performance for their clients. During this first month I have had the chance to learn more about Visma as a whole, about new relevant software programs and I’ve been able to keep up with Norwegian market trends.

Read more about Visma Advantage in Norway and their procurement services.

I view myself as very lucky to begin my trainee period in such a young and energetic part of Visma. From the first day, events, courses and social gathering have been happening several times a week. Together with Visma Advantage I’ve been out learning about (and tasting) coffee for office buildings, played golf, participated in hotel openings, shared a lot of great meals with even better colleges, etc., etc.

Management Trainee activities: Hotel opening and playing golf

During the next month I will work on finishing up the report for Visma Advantage, and continue on a side project I have in arrange with Visma Ski Classics. When this period is over, I’m not quite sure what Visma will bring for me. However, the part of unlimited unknown possibilities is perhaps the most exciting part of being a Management Trainee in Visma.

Management Trainees eating breakfast together

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