Our takeaways from UX Camp CPH 2018

Last weekend, May 4-5, part of our UX team enjoyed great keynotes, workshops and activities at UX Camp CPH (partially sponsored by Visma), which took place at the IT University of Copenhagen. In this blog post we will share some of what we learnt!

All the happy campers (from the left): Martin, Johan, Odd-Wiking, Camilla, Amanda and Torbjörn.

Adobe XD Deep Dive Workshop

As a prequel to the Camp itself, the team behind Adobe XD was so kind as to sponsor a four hour introductory workshop, held by Mattia Compagnucci. Around 25 participants, me included, had signed up for the workshop, and brought our computers (with Adobe XD preinstalled) and very interested ears.

Happy participants at the Adobe XD workshop.

After presenting ourselves, our backgrounds and expectations for the workshop, Mattia gave us a www.sli.do event number to open, where we could have discussions, run polls and exchange links about the workshop. Then he ran us through the basics of XD followed by us creating a prototype:

By connecting XD to our phones and running the Mobile XD client there, the prototype could readily be demoed there. Also it was easy to get a web link, which anyone receiving it could use to give personal feedback with.

The tool could easily create repetitive parts of the UI in an expandable grid, as well as populate these in a jiffy by dragging and dropping from e.g. a set of image or text files. Nifty!

PS. Adobe XD is part of our Adobe Creative Cloud license at Visma, so go ahead and try it out.

The unconference

Most of the conference (or rather unconference) took place on Saturday, the next day. A so called “unconference” is an informal conference concept where the participants make up the content, which is exactly what we did at UX Camp CPH.

After an initial keynote on storytelling by Whitney Quesenbery, where she talked about how storytelling can make our research data come to life, all participants were asked to get ready to pitch their ideas for activities. One of the participants who pitched an idea was our own Johan Strandell, who offered to give a talk on our UX Mentor program with the hopes of inspiring others to do something similar in their companies.

Johan pitching his talk on the UX Mentor program.

After everyone who wanted had pitch their ideas, we all voted for the activities we would like to join while the organizers mapped the amount of votes to suitable sized rooms and made a schedule.

The schedule board.

When we got the schedule, we all went off to our chosen activities. I myself enjoyed a lecture by Rolf Molich, the owner of DialogDesign (and usability guru), where he talked about how to increase UX maturity within companies and organizations, and the importance of involving stakeholders in the design process as well as where that is best done from a strategic perspective, sharing his own experiences.

At the end of the day, we all gathered for a final keynote by Aral Balkan, founder of ind.ie and advocate for ethical design, privacy and “An Internet for Everyone”, which was also the title of his keynote. During his talk, he argued that GDPR is a step forward but that it is nowhere near good enough. Personally, I think he opened all of our eyes to the reality of what society has become in regards to privacy (or the lack thereof) and gave us examples of what we can do to change it in our roles as designers. Apart from being a very engaging speaker, I think we all learnt something at took his message with us!

This sums up two very interesting and inspiring days in Copenhagen. Thank you for a great conference, hopefully we’ll see you again next year UX Camp!


Odd-Wiking Rahlff, Senior UX Designer

Amanda Lundius Mörck, UX Designer & Corporate UX Coordinator