Reimbursement of non-recurring tax when exporting motor vehicles

In Norway, one has to pay a non-recurring tax when registering a motor vehicle for the first time. This applies regardless of whether the vehicle is brand new or has been used outside of Norway. The tax paid is non-refundable. However, the government has now proposed a change in these rules, which will entail a proportionate refund of the non-recurring tax if the motor vehicle is exported from Norway.

How to tackle the case interview

After the previous blog-post by Vibeke on how to successfully complete a job-interview, the first interview round was a walk in the park for you. You remained composed and pulled off your best performance. After a few days you receive the phone call you’ve been waiting for «Congratulations, you are through to the second round. This time you will be presented a case for you to solve. Good luck!». You feel the panic and anxiety slowly creeping on. Luckily for you, you are smart enough to follow up on the blog job-guide and found your way to reading this blog-post.