PMA went to Visma for best practices

The largest collective of product marketing managers, PMA – Product Marketing Alliance, asked for speakers to their latest event in London and went to Visma for best practices. Given the opportunity to speak in front of 400+ International Product Marketers from 150+ global companies in London, Erica Masman and Liza Collin accepted the challenge.

PMA wanted to get insight into how a growing international company like Visma work with go-to-market strategies for global cloud products. Over the past ten years, Visma has quickly evolved from a small Norwegian player with on-prem solutions to one of Europe’s largest cloud software providers with more than 1 million customers. Such rapid growth requires new ways of working with product development, commercialisation and go-to-market.

How do you secure that ideas, innovation and new features reach customers and users as efficient as possible?

How do you engage people in a broad organisation as Visma to contribute to commercial success?

How to commercialise a good idea

When Liza and Erica accepted the invitation, they felt comfortable to manage the task. Product Marketing Managers (PMM’s) in Visma are spread around many business units in several countries. To support the PMM’s, Visma has developed a framework of tools, templates and process support. These assets are available and utilized around the company ensuring transparency and collaboration when launching new features and services to customers.

At the event Erica and Liza presented how to commercialise a good idea using Visma’s holistic approach:

  • Create buy-in from all stakeholders
  • Visualise the needs
  • Anchor responsibilities and commitment
  • Fast onboarding of the organisation
  • Work with expectation management

When these focus areas are covered and you get buy-in from cross-functional resources, it is proven that you will reach DayZero(1) much quicker and you will get a shorter time to market.

(1) Day Zero is the moment when you and your customer have completed the necessary tasks, so the customer can start to realise the full value of your product for the job they are hiring it to do.

The true role of Product Marketing Managers

The work made by Product Marketing Managers are not new, but now the profession and role start to be more defined. Product Marketing Alliance are collecting thoughts and insider info about the journey into the world of product marketing. Just before the event in London, Liza Collin attended a podcast hosted by PMA, where she stated “The PMM’s, they are the ones that are boosting the company’s bottom line, basically, because they’re providing the customers with what they really want and need.”

“The PMM’s, they are the ones that are boosting the company’s bottom line, basically, because they’re providing the customers with what they really want and need.”

Listen to the Product Marketing Insider podcast with Liza Collin

Efficiency is not about working faster but rather about working in a new and smarter way. PMM’s in Visma work with innovative products that simplify and automate processes in a wide range of business areas where millions of end-users are served in both the private and public sector. 

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