Is on-premises or cloud right for your business?

It is no longer a question of if your company will be adopting cloud based solutions; but a question of when, how many and which cloud based service and deployment model fits your company best – cloud, hosting, hybrid or other?

What to choose?

The market for cloud based services is showing strong and consistent growth; however the on-premises delivery model still has a strong position, and along with cloud based solutions, is offered in various forms. Despite the availability of cloud based alternatives, established businesses often don’t have the ability to shift all their IT to the cloud at once. Therefore, some choose to have a mix of on-premises and cloud based solutions which creates a hybrid environment.

Therefore, with an ever increasing array of business software alternatives; on-premises, hosting, cloud, SaaS, hybrid and so forth; it is not easy to navigate the maze of choices and make an informed decision regarding what service and deployment model is best for your business.

Clear shift

What’s more, there is a clear shift in the way we work and communicate and our mental approach to business technology is changing thanks to new digital tools becoming more common place. Many companies understand that equipping employees with the latest technologies makes good business sense as in turn increases efficiency and productivity. So these factors also needs to be addressed during the decision making process.

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