Project update

Outside the Skøyen office

I’ve now been a Management Trainee in Visma for one month. I’ve learned A LOT in a short amount of time and I’ve grown with the responsibilities. I’m currently working in Visma Contracting which is in Visma Software. Its three weeks until I’m presenting my project and conclusion to the leaders of Visma Contracting and then the leader-group of Visma Software. I really enjoy my project, my project is split into two sections and I have two hypotheses that I’m working to figure out.

The process of my project looks like this:

During the initial research stage I covered all areas around my project and made definitions and set the framework for my project. I analysed what I needed to look into and how to do it. I looked at a best practice from other companies to get an idea of where we line up compared to other businesses. In the solutions stage I gathered the data and started looking at what we can change and how we can change it. I then narrowed it down to smaller segments in the conclusion stage and started at looking at a cost/benefit analysis of what can actually happen in the short-term and long-term. I’m now in the last stage and I’m starting to create my final product and what I will end up presenting to the leader group.

After my presentation I will move on to the next project, I’m not sure where that will be but as soon as I know I will write about my new project.

Even though I have my main project I also have several other projects going on, some of them if they work out I will be writing what they are in the near future.

My side project that will be running all year long is that I’m in charge of social media, web-pages, blog and the marketing through these channels. Our goal is to increase the amount of applications for next year’s Management Trainee Program. The deadline is October 14th so if you are interested look here on how to apply!

If you have not looked us up on social media yet you can do so here: