How to reach a diverse target group in social media

Visma is a diverse company serving many types of customers, in many countries. How can we still reach a specific target group being part of a large and diverse company?

There are many way to approach this challenge. In Visma, we have done the following:

Sometimes it might seem like we are a large and complex organization. Hence, the need to find the target group is even more important. Through research and market knowledge within the different units, we have decided to have several social media channels. Some are in local languages and others are topic-based channels in order to speak directly to the desired target group.

On LinkedIn, however, we have done the opposite. There we are working on gathering all our Company pages into one. Why you may ask, if local presence and adjustment to the target group is so important?

The reasons for this (time consuming) project are many, among other:

  • The flexibility in posting options and possibilities to segment on parameters as language, country, position etc.
  • The economy of scale by showing our brand, creating one career page, and attracting candidates in one place
  • The employer branding perspective – being one Visma across units and countries

You also have possibilities to segment on language, country and place on Facebook as well, but for now I don’t think that work as well as on LinkedIn. Hence, we are running language based Facebook pages with the exception of our corporate page where we are experimenting with different languages.

How do you work to reach your target group in social media? Feel free to comment below

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