Social media in a B2B environment – Four steps to get you going

Jake Hills -

Visma is a B2B-company selling products and services that usually require a thorough decision-making process. Hence, the communication with our customers differs compared to communication B2C-companies experience.

There are several articles about B2C and social media and the number of articles on B2B is growing. Nevertheless, I think we still lack articles and blog posts where companies share their experience. In order to contribute to this field I will share some stories about how we work in Visma, what we find important and hopefully this will be beneficial for other B2B-companies present in social media.

First, let me present Visma:


Visma is a diverse company serving many types of customers, in many countries. We are ranging from being your accountant, providing you with your travel expense solution, creating software for the cash register at your local store, to providing you with cooperative deals for your non-strategic purchases. In short, Visma make businesses more efficient.

So, where did we start?

Last year (2013) was a year of clearing up in all our social media channels. We decided to formalize our many initiatives. We created a social media group in order to map our presence and build a common platform for social media in Visma, as well as establish a platform for knowledge sharing.

Four steps to get you going:

  1. Map your presence – Which social media channels are already used in your company? And where is your target group present?
  2. Evaluate other channels – Are there any platforms that we should include in our portfolio?
  3. Create a common strategy and guidelines – Define the role of each channel and create guidelines for the use of each channel.
  4. Adapt to your target groups – several channels and local languages might be necessary in order to reach your desired target group.

Stay tuned for more blog posts on this topic!