Social Media

In this blog social media will be a hot topic, I personally have a very close relationship after being an active user for many years. I also wrote my master thesis on the hypothesis that; Correct strategic use will increase a student/recent graduate chances of getting a job. I will write several blog posts about my master thesis later on.

But for now I wanted to show everybody the results from the poll we had yesterday. In yesterdays poll we asked what kind of social media each user uses. The alternatives were, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs. A person could check off all that applied. As seen on the graph Facebook is the most popular one (predictable) with LinkedIn on a strong second and Twitter coming in before blogs. The interesting fact isn’t really what kind of social media that is being used, but it’s how it’s used. This is something I wrote a lot about in my thesis. The way people behave on Facebook versus the way people act on LinkedIn.  More on this in later posts.

There are lot of interesting blog posts coming in the near future:

-Recap of the dodgeball tournament

-Springbrettet the career day in Bergen

-Is it always good to be Norwegian in Denmark?

-Visma in Sweden

So stay put! Untill then please leave some comments with any questions you might have, or ask us on Facebook or Twitter