The state of digitisation in the Nordics

How digitised are the Nordics when updating key business figures? Visma asked over 3,000 business and finance directors of companies employing 20-250 people how digitised their work processes are.

The state of digitisation in the Nordics

Visma has released the 2017 Digital Index, which tells how digitised SMBs in the Nordics are in their core business processes.

The countries included were Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The survey investigated the degree of digitalisation in the most common business processes, such as sending and processing invoices and tracking key figures. The results show how companies are using modern tools and how streamlined their operations are.

The survey was completed by business and finance directors of companies employing between 20 and 250 people. Over 3,000 people in the Nordic countries responded.

The digital index per Nordic country:

Illustration: The digital index per Nordic country

Finland is the most advanced, but still has room for improvement

“It is encouraging to see that Finland is at the forefront of the Nordic countries for digitising processes. However, 52% have room for improvement. The economic impact would be greater when workers’ time would be freed from routines to focus on more productive work. The results of our research clearly shows that the use of digitalisation in the business of SMEs still suffices,” says Ari-Pekka Salovaara, Managing Director of Visma Solutions Oy in Finland.

These statistics tell us that many businesses in the Nordics are not currently digitising their daily work processes. The experts say that while this number is projected to increase next year, it needs to be happening at a quicker rate.

Take this quiz to find out how digital your business is and download the Digital Index Report see how your business measures up to the Nordics.

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