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The accounting revolution

The field of accounting is in the midst of a technological and structural revolution. Cloud-based technology and automatization are no longer dreams of the future – they are happening here and now.


The field of accounting is in the midst of a technological and structural revolution. Cloud-based technology and automatization are no longer dreams of the future –  they are happening here and now.

More and more professionals are making use of the possibilities offered by new technology and cloud-based services. As in other parts of society, manual processes are increasingly being replaced by autonomous solutions or machine learning software.

Both, please!

 In keeping up with technological developments, the company’s needs and demands are being developed as well. Most of our customers want simple, versatile solutions and expert advice. Some want to do most of the work on their own, while others want a sparring partner in accounting with more expertise. The modern customer demands a solution-oriented provider who is able to give both good advice and complete solutions. The majority of customers who wish to set aside administrative tasks tend to be less concerned with technology. Instead, they require a need to be fulfilled, where services and software can be seamlessly integrated. In short, the further development of technology and the changes to customer needs place new expectations on us as an outsourcing partner: From a company partner to a sparring partner on efficient operation and high quality – and from a controller of formal requirements to a provider of analysis and insight.

Analysis and insight to run businesses

These days it simply isn’t true to say that accounts aren’t also consultants. Accountants are already strong sparring partners for businesses. However, changing customer expectations draw us in a direction requiring an increased emphasis on industry expertise and the analytical use of accounting figures. All this is done to improve the business. Proper accounting, with regard to legal requirements, is considered to be the foundation upon which the improved insight into the business can be built. Few can claim ownership of as much management information as accountants.

The accountant is the customer’s consultant

There are many similarities between the changes in the accounting field and what banks have already been through. We are steadily moving from being accountants to being customer consultants. This is about building relationships, following up customers as we proceed, being even more accessible – while naturally mastering numbers and quality in an optimal manner. As modern accountants, our job is to pay close attention and follow up our customers’ needs. The challenge in this field is to drive development forward. We must be proactive and clarify our expertise, so that customers will actually be willing to pay for consultancy services that create more value.

Visma Services going to great lengths

Visma and Visma Services annually invests considerable amounts into the development of software supporting self-service, automatization and improved financial insight. Visma Services is investing heavily in the development of expertise and the efficient use of the software solutions of the future.

We know that it’s important to be ahead of the curve. Our consultants are well-equipped and our systems have been set up well. Everything is in place for making your financial life easier and better.

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