The “ARENA” to meet Swedish/Finnish business students

I love my work! As a Corporate HR Coordinator I’m responsible for coordinating Visma’s seven Management Trainees and recruiting graduates to the Management Trainee and Summer Internship Programs. A significant part of that job involves travelling – and getting to know students from different universities and business schools in the Nordic countries. I feel very honoured to being responsible for such attractive career programs, and I’m enjoying every second of my workdays.

Wednesday 14 November, I travelled all the way from Oslo to Helsinki to participate at the Arena Career Fair at Hanken/Aalto University along with my colleagues from Visma Services Oy. It was the very first time for me to attend a Swedish-Finnish Business School, and I was excited about how to be the representative from Visma at an arena where you don’t speak Finnish. Obviously, I have a more exotic  appearance than an average Finn, so most students spoke English to me automatically.

In general, the career fair was very similar to the ones that I’ve been a part of in Norway. Dozens of companies in a large auditorium and in the hallways trying to get the attention by providing various “freebees”; candies, coffee, ice cream, milk, shampoo, creams, pens etc. At a day like this, it’s very advantageous to be a student – a career fair usually subsidies a year’s  consumption of pens, markers, post-its etc.

The next day, I visited Services Oy’s office in Helsinki. The office was very cosy, and was situated next to one of the best Russian restaurants in town, Bellevue. We had lunch at Bellevue, which was amazing! Thank you, Salla and Daniela, for your warm welcome! Helsinki and Hanken is definitely a place I’d pay a visit by spring time.