The font – a game changer

We started 2014 fresh, with a new Visma font. As part of a major design overhaul of the complete Visma profile, the font carries an immense responsibility of both being excellent in regards to readability, and to express Visma’s values and position in the market. Compared to our legacy font Universe, we now possess a tool that include far more personality and a distinctive look. Being experts within efficiency requires an efficient font. Beau Sans Pro express a modern and contemporary tone of voice.

In order to get the most out of the font, it needs space to breath. Together with our new “type identity”, where we embrace the short and effective language, and spacious margins, the font comes alive. Packed with beautiful curves that deserve the space needed to flourish.

The new Visma PowerPoint templates have made its stand as a pioneer, forcing our writers to rethink the way we make presentations. Instead of crowding every slide with novel-like layouts, we now hope everyone sees the benefit of making bold compositions with fewer words and bigger impact.

As any font, it is a part of a font family. Beau Sans Pro spreads from extra thin to semi bold. This gives us the possibility to be both sophisticated and direct when needed. Together with the production house, Parachute, we even made some custom adjustments exclusively for Visma. No other company in the world has exactly the same font as Visma. This improves recognition, and makes our brand stronger.

The font is the form that carries all our communication. That is why emotional connection and just the right shape and tone can make a huge difference. When all the parts of the improved Visma profile plays together, we`ll ultimately reach more customers, connect better, and sell more products and services. The unsung hero of design, the font, can prove to be a game changer.