– The future is Cloud based

In order to learn and adapt to changes it might be smart to look and listen to those who are following the trends closely.

In our customer magazine VISMAgazine we made an interview with Robert Scoble, an American blogger, technical evangelist, and author. Scoble is well-known for spotting trends in technology early, and he is willingly sharing his thoughts on his blog Scobleizer. He is interested in social, digital, and mobile trends – and how this affects the way we work and interact.

Now, he is pointing at the Cloud and is sure that Cloud Computing will have an impact on the way we work, both in relation to workflow and in relation to costs.

– Cloud based solutions changes everything. The reason why all corporations and users should “go cloud” is simple. You can concentrate on your core business instead of using competence, energy and focus on keeping servers and IT equipment up-to-date. The future is Cloud based and way more flexible and dynamic, Scoble pinpoints.

Security – a Cloud issue?
People are often concerned about the security in the Cloud, but according to Scoble there is no need to worry.

– I am not concerned about the security in the Cloud. There are many large and global corporations that are choosing Cloud solutions when new systems and software are to be implemented.

Some are concerned about the security, but it is important to remember the security in the Cloud, is often better than on locally installed servers at your office. It is not necessarily more secure to store information on old servers. Do you think data on servers cannot be stolen or disappear? He asks rhetorically.

See the opportunities
Both Scoble and author and media Professor Jeff Jarvis agree upon that the most important aspect is to see the opportunities that are created when the sky opens. By exploring the opportunities in the Cloud the costs will be lower and more predictable.

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